In these conditions, unless the context requires otherwise the following words shall have the following meanings:  


‘Website ’ means the our website at;


‘Balance’ means the total amount payable for the Rental Period (not including, for the avoidance of doubt, the Security Deposit) less the amount of the Booking Deposit;


‘Booking Deposit’ means a deposit payable on acceptance of the booking by the Owner in accordance with clause 5 below if the booking is made more than three month before the Rental Date; 


‘Booking Enquiry’ means an enquiry in respect of a booking either by the web, email or the telephone when Celebration Holiday Homes are provided with information in respect of the booking and guest requirements in accordance with clause 3  below;  


‘Booking Confirmation’ means the confirmation in respect of a booking enquiry whereby the booking is confirmed in accordance with clause 3 below; 


‘Booking Contract’ the contract for the booking agreed with the Lead Guest in accordance with clause 3 below;


‘Booking Date’ the date the booking was made by the Lead Guest;


‘Booking Rate’ the total amount due for the booking including the Booking Deposit and the Balance but not including the Security Deposit;


‘Business Days’ means 9.00 a.m.  – 5.00 p.m. on any day (other than a Saturday or Sunday or public holiday); 


‘Conditions’ means these terms and conditions; 


‘Celebration Holiday Homes Ltd’ is the trading company (Company registered number 12588377) under which our properties whether owned or managed. Celebration Holiday Homes Ltd is the agent for the property owner;  


‘Guest’ or ‘Guest Party’ means any or all of the people who will be staying at a Celebration Holiday Homes property;


‘Host’ means the people who will be responsible for looking after the Guests at the Property and in the lead up to their booking. This may or may not be the owner of the property; 

‘Lead Guest’ shall mean the person who completes and submits the Booking Enquiry and to whom Celebration Holiday Homes contracts to and lets the Property to, where more than one person is staying at the ‘property’ the letting contract is wholly with the ‘Lead Guest’. The ‘Lead Guest’ will be responsible for all the other ‘Guests’ in the party;


‘Owner’ The Owner of the property, this may or may not be the same person as the Host, responsibilities of the Owner may be carried out by any suitable person appointed by the Owner to carry out such responsibilities; 


 ‘Property’ means the Property let to the Lead Guest through Celebration Holiday Homes including all the Property’s grounds and all amenities on those grounds;


 ‘Rental Date’ means the date on which the first night of the Rental Period begins; 


Rental Period’ means the specific dates for which the Property is agreed to be let in accordance with the Booking Confirmation;


Security Deposit’ means the deposit to be paid by the Lead Guest to the Owner as security against any damages and/or any requirement for additional cleaning, whether discovered during the Rental Period or after your departure, as further described in clause 5 below;


Celebration Holiday Homes role and responsibilities


2.1 Celebration Holiday Homes is a trading name operated by Celebration Holiday Homes Ltd, a limited company registered in England and Wales with the registration number 12588377. Celebration Holiday Homes acts as an agent for the Owner of the property by accepting and administering bookings for the Property.  


2.2 The role of Celebration Holiday Homes will primarily be providing the Booking Service and communicating, where necessary with the Owner on the Guest’s behalf. Celebration Holiday homes will be responsible for collecting all payments due for the booking and making any changes and dealing with any refunds.


2.3 All funds paid by the Lead Guest including the Booking Deposit and the subsequent Balance will be held by Celebration Holiday Homes until one week before the Rental Date. One week before the Rental Date the Balance due to the Owner for the booking will be transferred to the Owner.


2.4 The Contract for the holiday rental will be between the Lead Guest and the Celebration Holiday Homes. 



Basis of Contract


3.1 The following conditions will apply to the Booking Contract 

3.2 A Booking enquiry can be made by either telephone, e-mail, a listing website or via the Celebration Holiday Homes website, the Booking Enquiry constitutes an offer to make a booking for the Property. A Booking Enquiry requires the following details in order to confirm a booking. 

      3.2.1 Confirmation of the Property and the dates of the prospective booking.

3.2.2 Details of the name, address and contact details of the Lead Guest making the booking. 

3.2.3 Details of the number of people in the party, the purpose of the booking, if there are any special needs requirements in the party and if the party want to bring any pets. 

3.2.4 The Lead Guest will be required to provide proof of their identity and address, these details will be held by Celebration Holiday Homes. Suitable proof would be copy of the Lead Guests driving license. Such proof of identity will not be passed onto any third party. 

3.2 The Lead Guest will be the person who makes and is responsible for the booking, the Lead Guest will be responsible for compliance with these Conditions and the Contract by all the Guests who will be staying at the property, unless stated otherwise.  

3.3 At the time of booking the Lead Guest must be over the age of 18.  

3.4 Following submission of the Booking Enquiry Celebration Holiday Homes will acknowledge receipt of the Booking Enquiry with the lead guest (via email or over the telephone). 

3.4 A Booking Confirmation will be made with the Lead Guest once the following points are confirmed:  

3.4.1 The owner agrees to let the Property to the guests for the period and duration submitted on the Booking Enquiry;  

3.4.2 Receipt of the Booking Deposit, or if booked less than 3 months before the Rental Date, payment of the full Balance; and  

3.4.4 Confirmation of the amount of the Security Deposit and when this is payable. 

3.4.5 Satisfactory proof of address and identity is provided by the Lead Guest.  

3.5 On satisfactory settlement of all the parts of the Booking Confirmation a Booking Contract will be made between Celebration Holiday Homes, the Owner and the Lead Guest. A summary of the Booking details will be sent to the Lead Guest confirming the full cost of the booking, any amounts paid, final amounts that are due and that the Property is available.  

3.5 The Owner and celebration holiday homes have the right to refuse any Booking at any point.  

3.6 Any disputes or queries with respect to these Conditions, or any other matter will be dealt with by Celebration Holiday Homes (on behalf of the Owner) and the Lead Guest.  

3.7 The Contract creates a licence to occupy the Property for the purposes of a holiday (and not for any business purpose) and nothing in the Contract or these Conditions shall create the relationship of landlord and tenant between any of the Guests and the owner.  

3.8 The Owner cannot provide any promise with respect to the quality of services provided by third parties at the Property including, but not limited to, internet service, telephone reception and television reception.  

3.9 The maximum number of occupants at the Property shall be the number stated on the Booking Confirmation. The Lead Guest is responsible for confirming and checking the number of adults, children and infants within the party. Any change in the number or details of the occupants must be notified to Celebration Holiday Homes and the change must be accepted at least 14 days prior to the rental period. If changes are not notified, Celebration Holiday Homes may terminate the contract. 

3.10 If during the Rental Period the number of persons occupying the Property exceeds the maximum limit of occupancy for that particular Property, the Owner may immediately terminate the Contract without liability and gain access to the Property in accordance with clause 9 and 10 below.  

3.11 If the nature of the stay differs from that stated in the Booking Enquiry and Celebration Holiday Homes has not consented to the change, Celebration Holiday Homes may by written notice to the Lead Guest, terminate the Contract without liability and the owner may gain access to the Property in accordance with clause 9 and 10 below. 


The Property


4.1 Celebration Holiday Homes makes every effort to ensure that the information provided in relation to the Property and services are accurately stated on all literature, including the Website.  

4.2 Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that information on the Website about the Property and its facilities and services is kept up to date, there may be some differences between the description on the Website and what is available in the Property at the start of the Rental Period. If there are any material changes to the Property made after the Booking has been confirmed then Celebration Holiday Homes will make the Lead Guest aware of any material changes as soon as reasonably possible after it has been made aware of these changes.  

4.3 Occasionally the exteriors, furniture, furnishings and room layouts may differ from the photographs on the Website. 

4.4 General maintenance in terms of gardening, window cleaning and other general maintenance may at times be carried out on the Property during the Rental Period. Wherever possible the Host will try to accommodate the Guest’s reasonable requirements and will endeavour to ensure that any such works are carried out with the least possible disruption to the Guests and their stay at the Property. 

4.5. Where a cot or high chair is advertised as available the Lead Guest should confirm that they require such equipment in the Booking Enquiry. Guest’s should note that cots and high chairs will vary in age and style and should only be used by small children aged under 24 months. Cot linen is not provided (Guest’s should bring their own).  

4.6 Where the Host has supplied details about local attractions, these are provided for information purposes only and neither Celebration Holiday Homes nor the Owner can be responsible for any lack of availability of local attractions during the Rental Period. 


Booking and Payment  


5.1 If the first day of the Rental Period is more than three months from the date of the Booking then a Booking Deposit of 30% of the total cost of the Booking Rate will be payable when the booking is made. The remaining Balance is due three months before the Rental Period starts. 

5.2 For bookings made less than three months before the Rental Period, the full Balance is due when the booking is made. 

5.3 All booking payments should be made as indicated by Celebration Holiday Homes.  

5.4 All prices quoted are inclusive of Value Added Tax (where applicable)  

5.5 Celebration Holiday Homes shall, where applicable, send the Lead Guest written confirmation by email of any balance due with details of when this balance is due. Such payment must be made as directed in the confirmation sent by Celebration Holiday Homes. Celebration Holiday Homes will confirm by email, receipt of all payments made by the Lead Guest for the booking.

5.6 Should the full Balance not be paid to Celebration Holiday Homes by the required date then Celebration Holiday Homes will send a reminder to the Lead Guest for the balance that is due. If the Lead Guest does not respond to this reminder with 48 hours and cannot be contacted in any other reasonable way by Celebration Holiday Homes, then Celebration Holiday Homes may, cancel the contract and re-let the Property.  If the contract is cancelled in this way then the Lead Guest will be deemed to have forfeited the booking and any refund due will be treated as if it had been cancelled by the Lead Guest and will be subject to the terms of the cancellation policy as per section 9 below.  

5.7 Should Celebration Holiday Homes or the Owner refuse or cancel the booking or be unable to make the property available to the guest for any reason, then the Lead Guest will be advised of this fact and any monies paid in respect of the booking will be returned to the Lead Guest within 5 Business Days of the refusal notice. 

5.8 Celebration Holiday Homes will always endeavour to ensure that all prices quoted in respect of the Property are correct. If Celebration Holiday Homes discovers an error in the price for which a Booking Enquiry has been made they will contact the Lead Guest to inform the Lead Guest of the error and the Lead Guest will have the option of continuing with the Booking at the correct price or cancelling the booking and receiving full refund of any amounts already paid. 

5.9 Details of how to pay, are noted on the confirmations and the Booking Contract payment terms sent to the Guest, payment can be made using most standard payment methods including bank transfer, debit and credit card transactions. 

5.10 All payments shall be made in Pounds Sterling. 


Security Deposit and Indemnity


6.1 The Security Deposit must be paid direct to the Owner’s bank account by bank transfer no later than one weeks before the start of the Rental period. The details of how and where to pay the Security deposit will be included in electronic welcome pack, a link and access to this pack will be emailed to the Lead Guest when the final payment for the holiday has been made. 

6.2 If the required Security Deposit payment is not made 7 days prior to the holiday start Celebration Holiday Homes reserves the right to terminate the Contract by notice in writing and without further liability. If the Contract is cancelled in this way then the Lead Guest will be deemed to have forfeited the booking and any refund due will be treated as if it had been cancelled by the Lead Guest and subject to the terms of the cancellation policy as per section 9 below. 

6.3 The amount of the Security Deposit is noted on the Booking confirmation.  

6.4 The Owner is entitled to withhold all or part of the Security Deposit against any damage or breakages at the property that are deemed unreasonable by the owner, this could include (but is not limited to) the following circumstances:  

6.4.1 Should any member of the Guest party damage the Property, any furniture, fittings, items of décor or equipment supplied at the Property, or leave it in an unreasonable state or in a condition where additional cleaning or repair beyond what would be reasonably expected is required;  

6.4.2 Any loss or non-return of keys or any other fixtures or equipment supplied at the Property;

6.4.3 Any marking or staining of any of the supplied linen, towels and robes etc. beyond what would be reasonably expected from normal use. This will include (but is not limited to) stains relating to make up removal, fake tan and grass or any other stains due to outdoor use of the linen. The towels supplied should not be used on grassed areas or for removal of make-up;

6.4.4 Any stains or marks evident on any of the bedding, carpets, rugs, seating and seating covers etc; 

6.4.5 If any of the guests cause any damage to any neighbouring properties during their stay which results in complaints being received by the Host; 

6.4.6. The use of any glass containers in or near the Hot Tub is forbidden as a breakage would require the Hot Tub being professionally cleaned; 

6.4.7 Any damage to the Hot tub lid caused by sitting or standing on the lid, not taking the lid off as directed or not securing the lid when not in use;

6.4.8 Any damage caused by pets staying at the Property; 

6.4.9 The Host will contact the Lead Guest within 4 Business Days after the Rental period ends to advise if any claim will be made against the Security Deposit, the Host will endeavour to agree a retention from the Security Deposit with the Lead Guest. The Host will send evidence of the damage if requested;

6.5 The owner understands and accepts reasonable damage or breakages (glasses, crockery etc.) do occur and such accidental breakages would not normally be deducted from the Security Deposit.

6.6 The balance of any agreed retention or the full balance of the Security Deposit if no retention claim is made will be returned to the Lead Guest 5 business days after the end of the holiday stay.  

6.7 Should the Security Deposit provide an insufficient remedy, the owner shall have the right to recover any sum from the Lead Guest so as to make up any shortfall.  

6.8 In the event that any member of the Guest party causes severe damage to the Property which results in Celebration Holiday Homes having to cancel subsequent bookings and/or pay compensation to any person due to the Property being left in an uninhabitable state, or in a state which reduces the services offered to subsequent guests, the Lead Guest shall indemnify Celebration Holiday Homes and the owner in full for any loss incurred by them which the Security Deposit does not cover.  


Duration and Term of Rental


7.1 The letting period will commence on the Rental Date and continue for the duration of the Rental Period and shall terminate on the last day of the Rental Period in accordance with the Booking Confirmation details. 

7.2 Check in and check out times for the properties as advertised on the Website can vary, depending on the Rental Period. The check in and check out time for the specific booking will be confirmed on the Booking Confirmation details. 

7.3 Any early or late check in or check out should be agreed directly with the Property Owner/Host. 



Guests Obligations


8.1 The information provided to Celebration Holiday Homes is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects. Should any information provided change, the Lead Guest should notify Celebration Holiday Homes immediately. Celebration Holiday Homes shall not be liable if any incorrect information provided by the Lead Guest results in Celebration Holiday Homes being entitled to terminate the Contract.  

8.2 The Lead Guest agrees on behalf of all Guests to:  

8.2.1 Not cause any damage to the Property, including all furniture and fixtures and fittings;  

8.2.2 Keep the Property and all furniture, fixtures and fittings in the same state as repair as to which they were provided at the commencement of the Rental Period.  

8.2.3 Leave the Property in a similar state of cleanliness as that in which it was found it at the commencement of the Rental Period;  

8.2.4 Keep all furniture as and where found, so as to not remove it from the place that it was originally placed or place it back to its original place prior to the end of the Rental Period. Guests will be liable for any damage caused in this respect;  

8.2.5 Empty any bins and dispose of any rubbish from the house in the outside bins and recycling bins provided at the Property, following the instructions of the Host where provided;  

8.2.6 Report any damage at the Property not caused by the guests to the Host on your day of arrival;  

8.2.7 Report as soon as possible to the Host, any breakages or damage caused by the party during the Rental Period;  

8.2.8 Not to undertake any repairs of any kind to the Property, including furniture and fixtures and fittings;  

8.2.9 Not to use the Property for any illegal purpose or take any illegal substance thereon; and  

8.2.10 Abide by the Conditions.  


Cancellation policy


9.1 Once the Booking Confirmation has been provided by Celebration Holiday Homes, the Lead Guest is responsible for paying the Balance when it falls due. 

9.2 The Lead Guest may cancel the booking at any time. Celebration Holiday Homes (As per schedule 15) recommends that all Guests should ensure they take out suitable travel insurance to cover themselves against any cancellation that they may have to make.

Celebration Holiday Home does have a cancellation policy, however if a cancellation is made, the date when the cancellation is made will directly affect any level of reimbursement. Celebration Holiday Homes only lets large properties that all sleep in excess of 12 people, properties such as this are normally booked significantly in advance of the booked Rental Period. Most bookings are not flexible on dates and are made 6 to 18 months prior to the Rental Period and very few bookings are made at short notice. 

Celebration Holiday Homes have set out a cancellation policy (see schedule 9.6 below) that reflects the value of making an early booking and holding key dates alongside the principle that the less time that is available to Celebration Holiday Homes to re-let the property the less value returning those dates will have.

9.3 Cancellation of a booking must be made in writing and sent to .

9.4 Once the cancellation has been confirmed by Celebration Holiday Homes, the booking of the Property will be deemed cancelled.  

9.5 Upon confirmation of the cancellation of a booking, Celebration Holiday Homes will withhold the cancellation fee and any cancellation retention as per the cancellation policy clause 9.6 below. Celebration Holiday Homes will immediately try the re-let the rental period. If the property is successfully re-let at the full rate, then the full cancellation retention will be returned to the Lead Guest. Where the property is re-let at a discounted rate Celebration Holiday homes will return any retention amount that would have resulted in an excess in the total amount recovered for the property over and above the original booking rate. Any return of the cancellation retention will only be made after the rental period following a successful re-letting. 

9.6 The cancellation policy has three parts:

Part 1: Any cancellation made by the Lead Guest will incur a fixed cancellation charge amounting to 5% of the full Booking rate, this is for administering the cancellation and will be charged regardless of when the cancellation is made.

Part 2: Where a Booking Confirmation has been made in excess of 6 months from the Rental Date and the cancellation is also made in excess of 6 months of the Rental date then there will be no cancellation retention charge. However if a cancellation is made within 6 months of the Rental Date, then a cancellation retention will be made that will increase the closer the cancellation is made to the Rental Date reflecting the reduced value of the returned dates. This is demonstrated in the table below:


Months prior to the Rental Date Late Cancellation Retention Cancellation Charge Total amount of Booking Rate retained
Over 6 months  0% 5% 5%
5 – 6 Months 5% 5% 10%
4 – 5 Months 15% 5% 20%
3 – 4 Months 25% 5% 30%
2 – 3 Months 35% 5% 40%
1 – 2 Months 50% 5% 55%
Under 1 Month 70% 5% 75%


Part 3: Where a Booking Confirmation is made within 6 months of the Rental Date the Lead Guest has not had the same value of securing a specific date in advance and any retention cancellation charge is therefore reduced. In this situation there will be no cancellation retention charged for any cancellation made within a month of the Booking Confirmation date however any cancellation retention made after this point will increase the later it is from the Booking Confirmation date. This is demonstrated in the table below:


Months from the Booking Date Late Cancellation Charge Cancellation Charge Total amount of Booking Rate retained
Under 1 Month 0% 5% 5%
1 – 3 Months 5% 5% 10%
4 – 5 Months 15% 5% 20%
5 – 6 Months 25% 5% 30%


9.7 The Owner has the right to cancel the booking at any time. If the owner cancels the booking for any reason, Celebration Holiday Homes will arrange a full refund to the Lead Guest of all amounts paid. 

9.8 If the Property is ‘Unavailable to Let’ due to local or national restrictions that affect the Property (for example a national or local pandemic) for the agreed Rental Period then the Lead Guest will be have two options:

9.8.1 The Lead Guest will be permitted to move their booking to any other available date within 18 months of the Rental Date. In this circumstance there will be no charge to move dates and the Booking Rate will be maintained for any comparable  booking in the same seasonal rate band.

9.8.2 If there is are no suitable alternative dates then a full refund of all amounts paid will be made by Celebration Holiday Homes.

9.9 Where the Property is available to let but a number of the Guests are unable to attend for any reasons including local or national restrictions the property is NOT deemed Unavailable to Let. Any cancellation of the booking due to this reason would therefore be a cancellation by the Lead Guest and would be subject to the Cancellation Policy as noted in schedule 9.6.

9.9.1 If a particular risk or reason was known and specific exclusions were agreed with the owner and/or Celebration Holiday Homes then these exclusions which should be confirmed by email would supercede clause 9.9.

9.9.2 The Owner at his discretion can amend the cancellation Policy clause as explained in clause 9.6 in the favour of the Lead Guest. 

9.10 Celebration Holiday Homes and the Owner reserves the right to terminate the Contract, or refuse to hand over the Property, at any time where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that:  

9.10.1 Anyone in the party is likely to breach any of the Conditions in terms of the number of persons staying at the Property; 

9.10.2 Incorrect information has been provided to Celebration Holiday Homes in respect of the booking; and  

9.10.3 Anyone in the Guest Party has behaved in a vexatious, abusive or unlawful manner towards the host or any third party supplying services to the Property or any neighbours of the Property.  

9.11 The above actions as stated in clause 9.10 above shall constitute a breach of contract by the Guest and the Owner shall consider the booking as cancelled by the Guest. In these circumstances, Celebration Holiday Homes shall not be liable to the Guest in any respect and the Lead Guest will only be entitled to a refund as per the cancellation terms in schedule 9.6 if the action occurred before arrival at the Property. If the action occurs after arrival the Owner can terminate the agreement immediately, with no compensation or liability being owed to anyone in the Guest party by either Celebration Holiday Homes or the Owner.



Right of re-entry and right to evict


10.1 The owner or host is entitled to enter the property, without providing prior notice in the following circumstances:  

10.1.1 In an emergency, to include where repairs are required to be carried out due to a report made by anyone in the Guest party or damage caused by anyone in the Guest party ; or  

10.1.2 Should anyone in the Guest party be in breach of any of these Conditions or where the Host has reasonable grounds to believe that there is a breach of these Conditions and of the Contract; or  

10.1.3 Celebration Holiday Homes or the Host have received reports from a third party that may indicate a breach of these Conditions or Contract.  

10.2 The Owner or the Host is allowed to enter the property to inspect it (including but not limited to where someone from the Guest party has complained about the property). In this circumstance, reasonable notice will be given first. 

10.3 Should re-entry be required on the basis that the Guest’s are in breach of these Conditions, no notice of re-entry is required and the Guest party may also be required to leave the Property immediately at the request of the Owner or the Host, in which case the Contract between the Lead Guest and the Owner shall terminate immediately, with no compensation or liability being owed to anyone in the Guest party by either Celebration Holiday Homes or the Owner.  

10.4 Should access be required pursuant to this clause 10, The Guests agree not to obstruct the re-entry of the Owner, the Host and/or their Representatives (to include workmen) to the Property.  


Noise Policy


11.1 We ask all guests to show consideration to the environment and particularly to the neighbours of the Property in all manners and at all times.  

11.2 There shall be no outside noise or outside music played after 10pm. After 10pm all windows in the property should be closed and any internal noise levels must be kept at reasonable levels that would not cause a disturbance to the neighbours.  

11.3 The Lead Guest and every member of the Guest party will undertake to: 

11.3.1 be considerate to the neighbours of the Property at all times and more specifically during the early hours of the morning, night time and late evening; and  

11.3.2 ensure that any deliveries or taxis are provided with clear directions to the Property so as not to inconvenience any neighbouring properties.  

11.4 Should the Guest party fail to observe the conditions set out in this clause, the Owner and/or the Host shall have the right to ask the Guest party to leave the Property immediately thus terminating the Contract and in such a case neither Celebration Holiday Homes nor the Owner shall be liable for any reimbursement of any monies paid, including the Security Deposit.  


Pet Policy


12.1 For the avoidance of doubt, this policy applies to all pets and not just dogs.  

12.2 If anyone in the Guest party wish’s to bring a pet, the Lead Guest must notify the Celebration Holiday Homes at the time of booking on the Booking Form. It is the Lead guest’s responsibility to ensure that Celebration Holiday Homes are aware at the time of booking that the party wish to bring pets.  

12.3 The Property will accept up to two well behaved and house trained dogs to stay at the Property.  

12.4 A small fee is charged for each pet that stays at the property.   

12.5 Should anyone in the party bring a pet, then Guest’s must comply with the following conditions:  

12.5.1 Pets are not allowed upstairs, on the bed or on other furniture; 

12.5.2 Pets must be kept under strict control at all times; 

12.5.3 Guests must supply their own pet bed, food and any other pet amenities;  

12.5.4 Any fouling at the Property must be cleared up by the guests without delay and disposed of accordingly;  

12.5.5 Pets must not be left unattended at the Property at any time;  

12.5.6 Pets must be free from parasites before the Rental Date, failure to do so may incur further charges which Celebration Holiday Homes is entitled to recover from you in full;  

12.6 Whilst the property may have an enclosed garden it does not mean that the garden is ‘escape proof’ to pets.  

12.7 Should any of the conditions stated in clause 12.5 above be breached, the Owner have the right to deduct any sum from the Security Deposit so as to deal with such breach. Should the Security Deposit be insufficient to remedy such breach, the Owner of the Property shall have the right to recover any sum from the Lead Guest as to make up any shortfall.  



Smoking Policy


All of the properties offered by Celebration Holiday Homes are entirely smoke free. Should the Host or Owner be required to clean the Property due to non-compliance of this clause, the Owner shall be entitled to use the Security Deposit so as to remedy such a breach.  

If an outside smoking area is provided it is requested that any smoking takes place in this area 


Extra amenities


14.1 Where the property has a hot tub and/or a sauna there are specific measures in place.  

14.2 These amenities should be used with great care and user manuals and safety signage should be referred to where available. A copy of the safety instructions are detailed on the on-line property manual and will also be sent via email to the Lead Guest with the Celebration Pack. The Lead Guest should ensure that all adult members of the Guest party are aware of the safety instructions for these specific amenities.

14.3 Every member of the Guest party is responsible for the safety of any child using such amenities. 

14.4 It is advised that children under the age of 12 should not use the hot tub.  

14.5 Anyone under 18 using the hot tub or Sauna should be supervised at all times for safety reasons. 

14.6 Glass containers or receptacles should never be taken into the hot tub or placed on the surrounding areas. If there is any glass breakage in the hot tub or pool, then the costs of a professional clean and potentially a refund for following guests unable to use the amenities until the clean can take place would be deducted from the Security Deposit. 

14.7 In addition to the safety instructions sent out, the Owner will provide user instructions for each amenity and will explain how to safely use the amenity at the Welcome Meeting. These instructions must be complied with by all persons using each amenity. Failure to observe the instructions may result in the amenities being deemed closed for the rest of the duration of the Rental Period.  

14.8 For health and safety reasons the hot tub will be required to be emptied, cleaned and refilled between every guest booking. If a house has a departure and arrival on the same day this will mean that the hot tub may not reach temperature until the following morning.  

14.8 For health and safety reasons the host (or their representative) will be required to test the chemical levels on a regular (daily) basis. Access to the Hot Tub must be supplied to the Host to carry out these requirements. 

14.9 Should the amenities be closed during your stay, due to the Guests being in breach of any of these Conditions, there will be no right to compensation.  



15.1 Celebration Holiday Homes strongly recommends that all Guests obtain adequate travel insurance prior to the Rental Date, for cover during the Rental Period for all matters to include cancellation of the booking for the Property, loss and personal injury.  


Limitation of Liability


16.1 Neither Celebration Holiday Homes nor the Owner excludes or limits their liability where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence or the negligence of employees or agents; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or for breach of your legal rights in relation to the Booking Service.  

16.2 Nevertheless, to the fullest extent permissible by law Celebration Holiday Homes and the owner disclaims any and all promises, warranties, conditions or representations relating to the Booking. In particular, they do not make any promises which respect to:  

16.2.1 The availability of the Website; 

16.2.2 Errors contained in any documentation supplied by the Owners or their representatives, which may or may not appear on the Website or other materials;  

16.2.3 The quality or suitability of the Property.  

16.3 Neither Celebration Holiday Homes nor the Owner shall be liable to any member of the Guest party for any loss that may be incurred in the event that the Owner cancels the booking.  

16.4 Should the Owner or Celebration Holiday Homes be deemed to be liable by order of the Court in any respect, such liability will be limited to the amount that party has received for the booking and it shall only be paid once.  

16.5 Should a suitable insurance policy be obtained pursuant to clause 15 above, a claim must first claim for any such loss under that policy, with Celebration Holiday Homes or the Owner being liable, pursuant to clause 16.4 above, only for the difference (if any) between the booking amount paid by the Guest and the amount the insurance company has paid to the Guest.  

16.6 The Lead Guest acknowledges that in booking the Property, all personal belongings and vehicles, including the contents of those vehicles, belonging to any member of the Guest party, are left at the Property entirely their own risk. Celebration Holiday Homes or the Owner shall not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to anyone in the Guests party nor to their personal property during the Rental Period, except for any such loss which has been caused by negligence of either Celebration Holiday Homes or the Owner.  




17.1 Should any Guest at the Property wish to make a complaint during the Rental Period, they should notify the Host or Owner of any such complaint promptly, so that every attempt can be made by the Host, to resolve the issue as soon as possible or in any event, within 14 days of the end of the Rental Period.  

17.2 Should the Guest be dissatisfied with the Hosts response, Celebration Holiday Homes may (but is not obliged to) liaise with the Owner in an attempt to resolve the complaint.  

17.3 Should Celebration Holiday Homes attempt to resolve a complaint pursuant to clause 17.2 above, every attempt will be made to reach a resolution between the Guest and the Owner, which may include a relevant compensatory amount; however should the Guest not accept the suggested resolution, Celebration Holiday Homes and Owner are under no obligation to offer anything further.  

17.4 If the complaint is not resolved, nothing in this section affects the Guests legal rights. 


Data and Privacy


18.1 The company will use the personal data of the Lead Guest and other Guests for the purpose of processing the Booking Enquiry and for carrying out their obligations in accordance with the Contract in making a booking. Celebration Holiday Homes may ask for personal information including details such as name, address, email address, telephone number as well as proof of identity and payment details.  

18.2 Celebration Holiday Homes may pass on this information to the owner but  will not pass any personal information onto any other third party without first seeking authorisation. 

18.2 Celebration Holiday Homes has conducted an internal review to verify that they conform to GDPR recommendations. Celebration Holiday Homes will use the information provided to send updates and details of any new properties it may have available and any other information it feels may be relevant to someone with an interest in holiday lets. The ability to opt out of this information will be available at all times. Please refer to the Privacy Policy that is stated on the Website.  

18.3 For the purposes of the updates sent out in schedule 18.2, Celebration Holiday Homes will retain on a database the details of all Lead Guests contact details as well as those of any of the other guests who leave their details at the property for such a purpose. If at any time any guest requests that their data is removed from the database, this will be done as soon as is practically possible.


Force Majeure Event


19.1 Neither Celebration Holiday Homes or the Owner shall not be in breach of these conditions nor liable for delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of its obligations set out in these conditions or otherwise, if such delay or failure results from events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control.  

19.2 Force Majeure will include any circumstance not within a party’s reasonable control including, without limitation: (a) acts of God, severe floods, droughts, earthquake or other natural disaster (b) epidemic or pandemic (c) terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations (d) nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom (e) strikes, lock-outs, industrial disputes, failure of a utility or transport network, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction or default of suppliers or sub-contractors. 




20.1 If any provision or part provision of these Conditions is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part provision shall be deemed deleted. Any modification to or deletion of a provision or part provision under this clause shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of the Conditions.  

20.2 If one party gives notice to the other of the possibility that any provision or part provision of these Conditions are invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the parties shall negotiate in good faith to amend such provision so that, as amended, it is legal valid and enforceable, and, to the greatest extent possible, achieves the intended commercial result of the original provision. 

20.3 Variation of Conditions; Celebration Holiday Homes may vary its Conditions from time to time, if a variation is made then the Lead Guest will be sent a copy of the new Conditions. The variation of this agreement shall only be effective if the Lead Guest confirms their acceptance of the new terms. 

20.4 Governing Law and Jurisdiction These Conditions and any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of England and Wales and the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim.