West Acre- 23/12/2018

In terms of the hosts building up to the visit, they were fantastic in terms of keeping you updated, and the welcome pack was very detailed. Any questions they were quick to answer. Very prompt, very efficient. Made sure everything was built around you, like the time of the welcome meeting, good communication.

The house – you could see a lot of attention to detail had gone into it, and it was useful that there were different areas; we were a family of different generations so people could go off and do what they wanted in different rooms.

We are definitely looking at opportunities to come back again.

Any Suggestions?

Dad’s cousin, a 60-something year old lady, said on the last day that it was a bit cold in her room, so it may be worth checking the heating. And it was a little chilly in the cinema room, although I saw there were heaters in there.