West Acre- 17/08/2018

The personal touches that Vicki and Jeff incorporate are outstanding- the hamper, the fresh flowers and the cake; also the tour of the house, and the level of contact from the start.I hope they can keep that up when they have more properties because they are on to a winner.

The attention to detail is amazing.

We did a lot of looking around for houses that catered for large numbers and West Acre was better value than most.

Any Suggestions?
Mum is 94 and her knees are arthritic. We found the seats were too low for her. The tub seat in the cinema room was perfect.

Suggest patio heaters- by the BBQ area and one by the hot tub. Mum only went in the hot tub once but it proved difficult for her. She would have sat outside while others were in the hot tub but it was a bit chilly.