Cancellation policy


  1. Once the Booking Confirmation has been provided by Celebration Holiday Homes, the Lead Guest is responsible for paying the Balance when it falls due. 


  1. The Lead Guest may cancel the booking at any time. Celebration Holiday Homes  recommends that all Guests should ensure they take out suitable travel insurance to cover themselves against any cancellation that they may have to make.

Celebration Holiday Home does have a cancellation policy, however if a cancellation is made, the date when the cancellation is made will directly affect any level of reimbursement. Celebration Holiday Homes only lets large properties that all sleep in excess of 12 people, properties such as this are normally booked significantly in advance of the booked Rental Period. Most bookings are not flexible on dates and are made 6 to 18 months prior to the Rental Period and very few bookings are made at short notice. 

Celebration Holiday Homes have set out a cancellation policy that reflects the value of making an early booking and holding key dates alongside the principle that the less time that is available to Celebration Holiday Homes to re-let the property the less value returning those dates will have.


  1. Cancellation of a booking must be made in writing and sent to . Please ensure that you get an acknowledgement of your email and call us if you do not receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours. Once the cancellation has been confirmed by Celebration Holiday Homes, the booking of the Property will be deemed cancelled


  1. A full refund will only be made in the following circumstances:



  1. The cancellation retention amount:

Any cancellation made by the Lead Guest not covered by clause 4 will incur a cancellation retention fee. The cancellation retention fee is the total booking value multiplied by the cancellation retention percentage. The percentage will increase the closer the cancellation is made to the Rental Date reflecting the reduced value of the returned dates. This is demonstrated in the table below:


Months prior to the Rental Date Cancellation Retention Percentage
Over 6 months  5%
5 – 6 Months 10%
4 – 5 Months 20%
3 – 4 Months 30%
2 – 3 Months 50%
1 – 2 Months 75%
Under 1 Month 95%


  1. Upon confirmation of the cancellation of a booking, Celebration Holiday Homes will withhold the cancellation retention fee as per the cancellation retention clause 9.5. Celebration Holiday Homes will immediately try the re-let the rental period. If the property is successfully re-let at the full rate, then the cancellation retention amount less a 5% administration fee will be returned to the Lead Guest. Where the property is re-let at a discounted rate Celebration Holiday homes will return the retention amount less a 5% booking fee less the difference in price between the Lead Guests booking and the replacement booking if one was made. Any return of the cancellation retention will only be made after the rental period following a successful re-letting. 

For example a £3,000 booking with a cancellation retention percentage of 50%, in this case a cancellation retention of £1,500 would be withheld. If the property is re-let for £2,500, the final retention would be the 5% administration fee £150 plus the rebooking shortfall £500, being a total final retention of £650. The Lead Guest would therefore have £850 of the £1,500 retention returned to them.


  1. The Owner has the right to cancel the booking at any time. If the owner cancels the booking for any reason, Celebration Holiday Homes will arrange a full refund to the Lead Guest of all amounts paid. 


  1. Where the Property is available to let but a number of the Guests (not including the lead guest) are unable to attend for any reasons including local or national restrictions the property is NOT deemed Unavailable to Let. Any cancellation of the booking due to this reason would therefore be a cancellation by the Lead Guest and would be subject to the Cancellation Policy as noted in schedule 5. 


  1. Celebration Holiday Homes and the Owner reserves the right to terminate the Contract, or refuse to hand over the Property, at any time where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that:  



  1. The above actions as stated in clause 9 above shall constitute a breach of contract by the Guest and the Owner shall consider the booking as cancelled by the Guest. In these circumstances, Celebration Holiday Homes shall not be liable to the Guest in any respect and the Lead Guest will only be entitled to a refund as per the cancellation terms in schedule 9.5 if the action occurred before arrival at the Property. If the action occurs after arrival the Owner can terminate the agreement immediately, with no compensation or liability being owed to anyone in the Guest party by either Celebration Holiday Homes or the Owner.